Massage Therapy

Massage Sessions

Swedish Relaxation Massage

30-minute Relaxation Massage ($50)

60-minute Relaxation Massage ($100)

90-minute Relaxation Massage ($130)

Relaxation Massage can provide a general loosening of the bodies tissues, encouraging blood flow and offers rejuvenating affects throughout the bodies immune system by stimulating the lymphatics with rhythmic strokes and full body breath work. It can improve mental and emotional health by calming the mind and the bodies nervous system.

Therapeutic Massage

30-minute Therapeutic Massage ($50)

60-minute Therapeutic Massage ($100)

90-minute Therapeutic Massage ($130)

*You may include a 15-minute assessment, which will be an additional $20.

Therapeutic Massage offers help to relieve pain and reduce stress by working on specific areas that need extra focus. It helps to direct clients to a structured healing path by reducing stress, anxiety and providing muscle and joint pain relief. Many modalities are used to treat specific issues during a therapeutic massage, using the right amounts of pressure that is needed in order to be successful.