Somatic Movement

What is Somatic Movement?

Somatics with Sara is inspired by the Feldenkrais Method™, which is a type of somatic

education that works with the skeleton, brain, and nervous system to help people

overcome physical or emotional challenges and live their lives with more ease, choice,

pleasure, and vitality.

Somatic movement lessons engage the body and the brain to:

● Rewire movement patterns

● Alleviate chronic pain and tension

● Reduce stress and overwhelm

● Regulate and calm your nervous system

● Increase your freedom of choice

● Bring more of yourself into your relationships and career

All Somatics with Sara offerings are holistic, trauma-informed, and empowerment


Somatic Movement Sessions

Free Discovery Session (30 minutes)

This introductory session helps you decide if what you want and need is a fit with what I

offer. I'm eager to learn about you and how your issue(s) is impacting your life. I will give

you an experiential taste of the type of work I do.

Somatic Movement Group Class (Maximum 3 Students)

Limited Time Offer $12/class

In somatic movement group classes, you will be verbally guided through a sequence of

novel movements to unwind tension and calm the nervous system. This is an intimate,

semi-private learning environment with a maximum of three students.

  • Tuesdays 12:15-1:00 pm

  • Saturdays 10:30-11:30 am

1:1 Somatic Movement Session ($100)

*Sliding scale prices available

A private somatic movement lesson crafted to meet your unique needs. You will be

verbally guided through a sequence of gentle movements that utilize attention,

perception, and imagination.

1:1 Functional Integration® ($100)

*Sliding scale prices available

Functional Integration® is a type of hands-on touch work that helps the body and the

mind find a new integrated way of functioning together. These private sessions involve

touch work on the table, in sitting, or in standing, depending on the client's needs.