Sara Binns

Somatic Educator

Hi! My name is Sara,

I was born and raised in Strathmore, and am honored to share my work as a Feldenkrais® practitioner and somatic educator with my home community. I completed a 4-year 1200-hour Feldenkrais® practitioner training in 2022. Through trauma informed somatic movement and neuroplasticity education, I help you navigate life with a sense of inner composure, spaciousness, and ease.

On a personal level, I struggled to find healing modalities that are effective in healing chronic health conditions stemming from accumulated stress and trauma. In 2018, I took a course on rewiring the nervous system that changed the course of my life. I discovered ways of working with my own biology to prevent anxiety, overwhelm, and chronic stress from accumulating. Somatic movement has allowed me to access an inner resourcefulness and resilience that I didn’t know was possible.

If you struggle with chronic pain and tension, stress and anxiety, or discomfort doing the things you love,

I’m here to help. Somatic movement helps people of all ages discover new movement possibilities and freedom from pain through play, pleasure, and ease. I offer 1:1 or small group somatic movement classes and 1:1 Functional Integration sessions. Both offerings support you to engage your body and brain to improve the quality of your life.