Hannah Magee

Child and Youth Care Counsellor

Hi! My name is Hannah,

I was born and raised in rural New Brunswick and have been calling Strathmore home for nearly 10 years. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Crandall University and have been able to use my education to work in a variety of settings with children and youth in the community. I have worked in collaboration with various school divisions, AHS, as well as other private and non-profit organizations.

I am incredibly passionate about helping youth find their voice while navigating through their life experiences. I truly believe that each youth has a different personal journey but that they all share the sense of wanting to belong and to know they are not alone.

I have seen the amazing benefits of group therapy and how it can aid youth in coming out of their shells and relating to their peers.

My goal is to continue to support our beautiful community by empowering our youth.